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Risk Management

Edu4Retirement, Inc. sets itself apart by providing a unique and comprehensive service to both employers and individuals. Our education program includes risk management of retirement.

We are faced with several risks in retirement:

  • market or investment risk
  • longevity risk
  • health risk
  • housing risk
  • inflation risk
  • taxation risk
  • interest rate risk
  • sequential risk
  • psychological risk
  • credit risk
  • dependent care risk
  • the unexpected risk

No wonder we need to become risk adverse versus the traditional risk tolerant approaches.

We assist you in understanding that the capacity for risk is more important than the tolerance of risk. Though we can never guarantee risk free existence, we do provide you with risk management techniques that can mitigate some of the risks that you face.

Our client/advisor newsletters are developed from national experts, to provide insight to help you navigate the retirement years.