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Retirement Planning

Edu4Retirement, Inc. provides financial consulting and investment management services to individuals approaching retirement. We also help those already enjoying retirement to make their income last.

Our mission is to help you to understand your financial situation and guide you through the retirement planning process – ultimately helping you to feel empowered about your financial future. Edu4Retirement, Inc. works with national experts to develop a comprehensive package for retirement planning in our program. The financial aspect of retirement planning is the focus of most firms, but retirement is much more complicated.

Why is risk analysis necessary? What are the risks in retirement?  We look at the plan as a holistic approach, not one of asset allocation or income streams. There are several risks associated with retirement and we work with you to mitigate those risks.

For those preparing for retirement, we can establish a solid glide path to get you to your goals.

For those nearing their retirement, Edu4Retirement, Inc. has innovative training programs that are targeted for the age 60+ population. The training programs will have eight basic components: psychological, health care, social insurance, elder care law, housing, financial planning, investment education, and asset allocation.  We will be establishing distinct curriculums for each section and then outlining each in our Individual Series – Retirement Risk newsletters. Please contact us for more information regarding this innovative program.