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Products and Services

We know that those that are facing retirement have two major concerns:

  1. Will I outlive my money?
  2. Will I be able to afford the healthcare I need for me and my family?

We will help you measure your ability to do these.  Our process is to develop your risk capacity in retirement and look to mitigate those risks where ever possible.  We work independently, and not with just one solution, so we can compare various products and vendors for your needs.  This is important since we can operate without bias and provide you with freedom of choice with objective experience.

Edu4Retirement, Inc. offers a wide selection of financial tools to help meet your retirement goals. The products used are based upon the risk assessment and needs analysis that we provide. 

Types of products we offer:

Insurance: Our insurance products include whole life, term, universal and variable life insurances. We provide a variety of annuity solutions: fixed annuities such as term certain, life, life with contingent annuitants, indexed, variable and equity indexed annuities.

Life Insurance:  We work with life insurance professionals that help you solve your life insurance needs. Life insurance underwriting is different between life insurance companies, and seasoned professionals can match your needs to theirs. We are independent, so we can offer a wide variety of insurance products from many companies.

Edu4Retirement, Inc. works with you to mitigate your risk and sometimes, life insurance is the best solution. Securing your business interest with a funded buy-sell agreement or protecting your family are all extremely important components to your planning. We will work with you to deliver the appropriate solution.

Annuities:  Annuities have a strong position in retirement planning. Annuities through insurance companies provide a solution to several risk issues that retirees face: longevity risk, market risk, and sequential risk. Annuities can provide you with the the stability that comes with getting a private pension by receiving a monthly check that you or your beneficiary will not outlive, depending upon the options that you select.

Annuities can be fixed life annuities, joint and survivor, variable, equity indexed, term certain or a combination of those features to help meet your needs.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s):  Edu4Retirement, Inc. offers low cost, passive management approaches to portfolio construction. Our practice utilizes ETF's and bonds as the primary vehicles when this approach is selected. Further information regarding our portfolio construction and model portfolios will be provided during our meetings based upon your needs, time horizon and investment experience. Our asset allocation models normally use individual bonds as the more conservative portion of the portfolio.

Registered Investment Advisory Services:  We offer our services through Cetera Advisors LLC.  There are several alternatives to choose from including Advisor Customized portfolios such as our ETF offering.  These accounts can be set up using an actively traded portfolio that charges a percent on the assets, or the flat fee approach that provides for potentially lower fees for those portfolios that are set up more as a buy and hold.

Lastly, we offer a variety of asset managers that are specific to your needs. These managers buy securities in your name and you see all their trades and

Broker Services: Edu4Retirement, Inc. offers brokerage services through Cetera Advisors LLC. The custodian for the services is Pershing, one of the largest and diverse in the business. We offer a wide range of investment options to fit your needs. You can buy or sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, REIT’s, annuities, and alternative investments. Cetera’s fees are competitive with the marketplace. See The Pershing Fee Schedule..

Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi):  Long Term Care is help that you may need over an extended period of time. This assistance maybe needed in the home or in an acute needs facility like a nursing care center. The cost for long term care can be financially debilitating for those in need. The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program shows that the cost in Connecticut for a nursing home is approximately $449/day or $163,885 per year. Medicare and other healthcare insurance programs do not pay for most of these charges.

Purchasing LTCi for you and your loved ones at an early age can make this life occurrence a more manageable expense. The buy down of assets before Medicaid steps in leaves an individual with very little, limited to only $1,600 for an individual. And LTCi is not only for the elderly, it can also be used for those that suffer a disability, illness or accident. Younger people become disabled and many need long term care help, but cannot afford it.

LTCi protects you and your family from catastrophic financial loss that can occur at the same time of your physical loss. We are licensed to sell the LTCi through the Connecticut Partnership for Long Term Care here in Connecticut and can provide this care in several other states as well.

Other Financial Products:  Edu4Retirement, Inc. offers other supplemental programs such as 529 plans for the children’s or grandchildren’s education and other legacy planning products.